Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


I read this book yesterday and I have to think about this whole book for awhile. It was extremely readable, but nothing really happens. I kept waiting for a big moment, but was surprised there was nothing more. I was surprised by the language and random, graphic crass talk. it is that age he is portraying, but I think it is excessive and inappropriate. I have heard worse and seen worse, but I think it is unnecessary. A good writer doesn’t have to have to rely on vulgarity to create a story for young adults to read. 

I think it is a fair portrayal of what happens when you experience death at that age. I did when my friend died, and it is what it is – hard. It did win a ton of awards, but it still has a lot of profanity in it.

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The Truth About Alice – by Jennifer Mathieu


Alice was a believable character with a believable situation. Telling the story between four different characters fleshed out the story and supporting characters.  I thought it was a difficult story told honestly, but with the moral that when things are at there bleakest, there is always hope.

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Grasshopper Jungle, by Andrew Smith


Not sure what to say about this book. I finished it, so you know I was interested. It annoyed me at every page and I skimmed a lot, because he babbled incessantly, and more annoyingly, repetitively. I did like those two boys and what they had to say, so that is why I finished it. I think the characters Robby and Austin mean something, so bravo Andrew!

“I always bring back books for the library. Books have everything in them. After the end of the world. you cannot learn a GD thing from a computer or a television screen. Nobody ever thought of that – how humanity could only be preserved by paintings on cave walls, or books, and vinyl recordings.”

I LOVE that quote! Even if most of the book I had no idea what he was babbling about.

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June Reading – The Good and Bad


I usually love FLB’s books, but this one contained characters that really annoyed me or I could care less what happened to them. Some were not fully fleshed out and were lacking any personality. I would skip this one.


Now, Viera Diets had GREAT characters that you feel you know and want to learn more about. You are also sad when they are gone.


This novel started out with a good premise, but somehow the ending was a hot mess. It was like she got to a certain number of pages and had to be done, so she abruptly finished the story off with no regard to the established plot.


Now, for the best novel… Belzhar! It had an excellent, original plot line with memorable characters, surprise plot twists, and a satisfying ending.


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I Was Here


I think what I like about Gayle Forman is that she can take a character and make them be a part of your heart. I did not really care for Cody at the beginning, but I think that is because Forman makes Cody so cold because of her experiences. What a horrible place to live without a friend.

I did like Harry, Ben and the Garcia family.

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Sea of Tranquility by Paul Russell


A sad, disquieting story. “What do you do with your life after you go to the moon?” I don’t know what could actually top that. I think getting to the peak in one’s life early is hard. That is why you have to make many peaks happen in your life, big or small, to sustain the magic until the end.

I read till the end, and I liked Jonathan and the chaos that encompassed his persona. I was not fond of his father or mother, but I liked her better in the end. It is not an easy read, but Jonathan’s life is worth the work it was to get through it.

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I’ll Give You the Sun – Jandy Nelson


This took my breath away with its depiction of an artist held hostage by their insecurities and doubts. The serendipity of family and their relationships are all intertwined and they all either dissect or build each other up.

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Beyond the Pale Motel – Francesca lia Block


Nope – this was not what I ever want to read from her. I thought it had hope, but then became a confusing mess of nonsense.


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Books I read while recovering from the hole in my head….


Time travel from the 1940s to 1700 Scotland clansman life. Throw in an evil British redcoat, double love story, and voila!


Reasons why I loved it:Takes place in Ireland 1993, great musical references, Nirvana concert, YA.





Emily Dickinson poetry/references combined with YA heroine Emily Beam poetry, mysterious death of boyfriend, boarding school, dysfunctional girls at school.

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What I’ve been reading during the year….plus rereading all the other MS Lit


Lex deals with her brother’s suicide. Powerful and heart wringing, but also very believable.




Karou is an artist, but also something more. Angels and dark angels combining to become what? Enchanting.



Author of the Uglies, I liked this novel a lot more. Told by chapters, Author and main character story run parallel to each other and compliment the overall combined story. Set up to be a series.


Graphic novel that paints a picture of the time of adolescence at the cabin and the heartbreak that often accompanies it.




Conroy’s tale of the lives of friends from different sides of the tracks in Charleston and the mysteries that unite them forever. Pat Conroy is a southern master of spinning a tale that worms it’s way into your heart and keeps his characters forever locked away in there.



A continuation of Love in the Time of Global Warming. After the end of the world, Pen goes on a quest using Virgil’s Aeneid as her guide.


New twist on vampire life. A town where the vamp life is a 24 hour MTV party that you can never come back from. I see a series coming.


Faerie tale of the dark side. Hazel and Ben battle the enchanted life for their own. Series could come…



What would you have done in WWII if the Germans came to your town. Two sisters take different paths, but both wind up heroes.

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