July 31st – Conclusion of Anatomy of a Boyfriend


July 31st – Anatomy of a Boyfriend – Daria Snadowsky




The end, it wasn’t bad, but it won’t be one that stays with me. I think this book will make young women realize that sex before marriage is not the right choice. When Amy is worried about being pregnant, the boyfriend is nowhere around. When Dom is devastated that she gave this huge gift of her virginity and now it is gone, where is he? Girls, girls, girls, there are reasons for waiting!

Daria really made the first time awkwardness become believable with the clinical, clumsy sex scenes.This book really brings home how one person in a relationship might be feeling a whole lot more than the other one. It also shows that first loves are great, they can be horrible when they end when you wanted something more, but you will recover and go on to much more.

Dom, the girlfriend, got on my nerves, but I liked Wes, the boyfriend. Dominique was too needy, dramatic, and over the top when it came down to planning every moment. I thought I would of left her too, with all her control issues.

I don’t think it will replace Judy Blume’s, Forever in the hearts of young girls, but it will give them something more to read if they are curious about taking their relationship to that level. I hope it cautions as in the words of Judy Blume, “Like my mother said, you can’t go back to holding hands” 


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