August 9,10,11: The Death of Santini, by Pay Conroy


I and many others love Pat Conroy and his gift of storytelling. His books have grabbed my heart from the moment I opened The Great Santini. I love his lyrical, romantic visions he creates with words and the gospel of the south, family, and friendship that he preaches. His words bring laughter, tears, and sets forth waves of strong emotions that flood one’s body and mind.

I loved meeting the family that shaped this man, and understanding the complexity of this dysfunctional, but familiar group of relatives. It gave me hope to see that someone who I despised like Santini, had evolved and became a better man. There are many similarities and many differences in our irish families, and it gives me hope too that we will all evolve too. The irish are great, but we do have many faults that beg for forgiveness from others.

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