August 12th – 2 of no interest and 1 of great!

I started the day with 2 books and replaced it with 1 that I am excited to read. The 2 ones that did nothing were: The Homeroom Diaries by James Patterson

lg-angle-homeroomDiaries and  imagesThe Girl who was Saturday Night by Heather O’Neil. First off, how many book is James Paterson cranking out a day, and are they really his? This one is drivel for content, but has excellent illustrations. The story is so discombobulated, with random things happening. It is kind of like he wanted to make a popular YA book and took bits and parts of the ones people like, and crammed it all into this book. The Girl who was Saturday Night, just turned me off with it’s forced quirkiness, vulgarity, and promiscuity. Not interested, but most people on Goodreads loved it.

To save the day I stopped by my favorite library by West 7th and got a copy of, Robert Galbraith, aka J.K. Rowlings, The Silkworm!

 imgres I am so excited to read this! I loved Cukoos Calling. Great mystery and carefully constructed characters. I cannot wait to open!


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