Shotgun Lovesongs, By Nickolas Butler

What a wonderful weekend with the marriage of my beautiful niece, Jenny and her husband, Greg. It was a wedding filled with love and family. There are only so many weddings that you know are truly blessed, and that was one. It was also the weekend of homecoming games and dances for my sons, and they were also wonderful moments to share. I love my family and friends and what we are together.

I read Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler this weekend. I finished the novel on my way home from dropping off 3 boys at UWEC. Mr. Butler grew up in Eau Claire, so it was kind of a serendipitous kind of moment. His novel and my life are very similar.

I was so taken with these characters, because they reminded me of my friends and life. He sketches each character with such details and intimate moments, that they seem like they will be yours forever. Some of my friends have been together since kindergarten, and we are still here after many ups and downs. It doesn’t always happen with friendships, but when life gives you those friends that you can’t live without, forgive and move on.

That is what I loved about this book. Mistakes were made, forgiveness a tough road,  and happiness not a monetary thing that one can buy. I was sad when the novel ended, but glad that it didn’t tie up everything in a complete, succinct ending. I hope we see more of these characters, because their lives reflect my own.

Thank you for Lee, Henry, Beth, Kip, Felicia, Chloe, and Ronny. I will always remember them.

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