What I’ve been reading during the year….plus rereading all the other MS Lit


Lex deals with her brother’s suicide. Powerful and heart wringing, but also very believable.




Karou is an artist, but also something more. Angels and dark angels combining to become what? Enchanting.



Author of the Uglies, I liked this novel a lot more. Told by chapters, Author and main character story run parallel to each other and compliment the overall combined story. Set up to be a series.


Graphic novel that paints a picture of the time of adolescence at the cabin and the heartbreak that often accompanies it.




Conroy’s tale of the lives of friends from different sides of the tracks in Charleston and the mysteries that unite them forever. Pat Conroy is a southern master of spinning a tale that worms it’s way into your heart and keeps his characters forever locked away in there.



A continuation of Love in the Time of Global Warming. After the end of the world, Pen goes on a quest using Virgil’s Aeneid as her guide.


New twist on vampire life. A town where the vamp life is a 24 hour MTV party that you can never come back from. I see a series coming.


Faerie tale of the dark side. Hazel and Ben battle the enchanted life for their own. Series could come…



What would you have done in WWII if the Germans came to your town. Two sisters take different paths, but both wind up heroes.

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