All Souls Trilogy – Deborah Harkness


Books 2 and 3 made my vacation absolute perfection!!


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The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

13522285Ezra and Cassidy, too opposites that find each other. Are they who they present to the world. Great novel about the roles people try to portray to the world and who they actually are.

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Noggin by John Corey Whaley, The Maze Runner by James Dashner, Night by Elie Wiesel

Noggin, The Maze Runner, The Tiger’s Wife, and Night

imgresA book with a plot unlike anything I had never read before. This is weird, but beautifully sweet and touching book. I think some of the details of the actual reattachment of the head of Travis and how the world at large reacts are glossed over, but it is great because of the concentration on Travis’s immediate relationships. I really enjoyed it and hope there is a follow-up.

imgres-1 I thought this novel was interesting at first, but then I skimmed through the rest. I thought the writing was simplistic and formulaic.

imgres-3 Stories within beautiful stories.

imgres-2It is so hard to comprehend the depravity of man and their ability to hurt and destroy another. This books show that, but also the will of humans to survive despite great odds.

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Sex & Violence by Carrie Mesrobian


I really didn’t think this was the book that I read great things about. I couldn’t empathize with the main character, Evan. I couldn’t stand Evan. I think you have stuff that you can’t deal with, and either you figure out a way to deal with it or you walk away. I understand that he had problems, I did too, but I have a hard time figuring out people who go the mean way to deal. I also didn’t get why we never got any closure from the whole situation at the school. It would of been such a better story if we learned what had happened to her or the other guys involved. It was like we were in one story and yanked out and transposed to another. So dissatisfied, and don’t think I cannot empathize, been there and done that, and I have moved on.

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Fiendish – Brenna Yowanoff


A strange, haunting book that keeps calling the reader back. Weird, but addictive. Gothic and disturbingly surreal.

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Code Name Veriity – ELizabeth Wein


This is a book that is an enigma. I really think I will have to read it again to fully grasp its brilliance. I touched a glimpse of it, but I was confused a lot in the beginning. As she winds through the plot, it becomes clearer and clearer. The ending was not as spectacular as I thought, but I am going to reread in a couple months.

Bravo to being an unique and rare novel in a sea of YA mediocrity.

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Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth

images-2 images-1

Well… Tris and Four, they remind me of Bella and Edward. The stories and formula are quite alike. Maybe I am getting tired of dystopian novels, but enough of the death and killing, and the angst and sexual tension that is always an under current. Also, can we have a female character that is not so angry and angsty all the time?

Readable, catchy, hard to put down, but skim worthy.

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Shotgun Lovesongs, By Nickolas Butler

What a wonderful weekend with the marriage of my beautiful niece, Jenny and her husband, Greg. It was a wedding filled with love and family. There are only so many weddings that you know are truly blessed, and that was one. It was also the weekend of homecoming games and dances for my sons, and they were also wonderful moments to share. I love my family and friends and what we are together.

I read Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler this weekend. I finished the novel on my way home from dropping off 3 boys at UWEC. Mr. Butler grew up in Eau Claire, so it was kind of a serendipitous kind of moment. His novel and my life are very similar.

I was so taken with these characters, because they reminded me of my friends and life. He sketches each character with such details and intimate moments, that they seem like they will be yours forever. Some of my friends have been together since kindergarten, and we are still here after many ups and downs. It doesn’t always happen with friendships, but when life gives you those friends that you can’t live without, forgive and move on.

That is what I loved about this book. Mistakes were made, forgiveness a tough road,  and happiness not a monetary thing that one can buy. I was sad when the novel ended, but glad that it didn’t tie up everything in a complete, succinct ending. I hope we see more of these characters, because their lives reflect my own.

Thank you for Lee, Henry, Beth, Kip, Felicia, Chloe, and Ronny. I will always remember them.

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Maggot Moon, Midwinter Blood, and Whittington


3 great books! Magot Moon will have you cheering for Standish, Midwinter Blood is a mystery that goes on for centuries, and Wellington has talking animals! Loved them all, and perfect mix before heading off to school.


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August 24th I am the Messenger By Markus Zusak


I read this book in 3 hours, it was so good! I could not stop. I think it is an addictive plot with twists, but also points that make you cry with the beauty of words. The ending made me think. Is this what I wanted? It wasn’t, but then again I don’t know what I did want. It was somewhat spectacular, but missing something too. It reminded me of the Book Thief ending. What did I want him to write????

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